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Item #SL-CKE02

Everyday Cleaning Pack

Recommended for DM300/400 and Connect+/P Series mailing systems and mid-high volume office equipment usage.



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  • 194 ml pressurised air duster – x2
  • 177 ml equipment surface cleaner - x1
  • Wet alcohol wipe – x12
  • Equipment wipe – x12
  • Dry, lint-free absorbent wipes – x12
  • Swabs – x25
  • 2 pairs of disposable gloves
  • 1 reusable storage bag

One cleaning kit is appropriate for every two pieces of office equipment.

Cleaning maintains performance.

  • Recommended for low-mid volume franking meters and office equipment usage.
  • Engineered to remove ink from mailing equipment.
  • Cleans hard-to-reach places with greater efficacy.
  • Handy refill items available (see table below).

Product benefits:

  • Pressurised air duster: for ensuring the sensor is clean. Uses HFO compliant propellant.
  • Equipment surface cleaner: specially formulated to help remove dried ink.
  • Wet alcohol wipes: suitable for removing excess ink from the franking machine print head.
  • Equipment wipes: clean franking ink, office dirt and grime from your hands.
  • Dry, lint-free absorbent wipes: tough cleaning ability without shredding fibre or separation during use. Liquid spills are quickly absorbed leaving surfaces clean, smear free and dry.
  • Swabs: suitable for print head and sensor cleaning and hard to reach areas.

Why use Pitney Bowes franking machine and office cleaning products?

Removing dust and dirt can be difficult. Pitney Bowes makes it easy to maximise your equipment’s condition. Our essential and versatile cleaning products enable you to remove dried ink, dust, paper residue and grime that lead to stressful, costly and time-consuming problems. Machine should be cleaned each time ink or toner is changed.

Everyday Cleaning Pack

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