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Pitney Bowes Office+ Paper - A4 - White - 80gsm - B Quality - Box of 5 reams (2500 sheets)

  • Quantity: Box of 5 reams of paper (2500 sheets)
  • Paper size: A4 size (210x297mm)
  • Paper weight: 80gsm
  • Whiteness* level: 164 CIE

Minimum Order Quantity: 3 Boxes



*excl. VAT

3 qty. min.

With Pitney Bowes Office+ Paper, you can print crisp text and excellent colour graphics

  • Ideal for the production of reports, memos and newsletters.
  • Perfect for low to high-volume print runs.
  • Suitable for double-sided printing.
  • EU EcoLabel and PEFC certified environmental accreditation.
Why use Pitney Bowes Office+ Paper?

Pitney Bowes Office+ Paper combines high runnability* and consistent quality to ensure that your printing operation works as smoothly as ever. The manufacturing mill is ISO9001 certified, making paper quality of paramount importance.

The excellence of the raw materials and the technology used in Pitney Bowes Office+ Paper result in the same amount of reams using fewer natural resources. This makes it an ideal solution for the sustainable consumption of office papers. Manufactured in Europe, this product has travelled fewer miles to get to your door, reducing CO2 emissions.

Pitney Bowes Office+ Paper is well-crafted with excellent whiteness* and high opacity* levels, perfect for the office environment. This paper is sustainably sourced and provides premium quality for businesses.


  • Runnability: the ability to be processed through a print system without interruption, while producing a print of acceptable quality. This is the primary consideration in determining cost effectiveness. In printing systems, especially, high-speed machines, interruptions in production are costly. These costly interruptions can include, but are not limited to, labour and machine downtime and missed deadlines.
  • Whiteness: Whiteness is an important property of paper as it relates strongly to the visual appeal of the printed product.
  • Opacity levels: Opacity is an important consideration in duplex/two-sided printing. Good paper must be sufficiently opaque to prevent show-through from the reverse side of a duplexed page. Usually, the lighter in weight a paper is, the less opacity it has. Opacity is especially important when printing colour since multiple layers of ink/toner are placed on the paper.
Pitney Bowes Office+ Paper - A4 - White - 80gsm - B Quality - Box of 5 reams (2500 sheets)