The Connect+ comes with 13 applications right out of the box enabling you to get the most out of your machine. The number of apps is growing over time, keeping you and your machine at the cutting edge.

Run mail

All you need to process your mail.  Includes the WYSIWYG on screen envelope editor.



Easily set up, save and retrieve reguarly performed jobs with different postage and graphics to save time.


Check your postage balance and add funds to your Connect+  system at the touch of a button.


Manage accounts

Create separate accounts for different departments or customers.


Print reports on postage spend.


Rates and updates

Download machine updates and new postage rates over the network at broadband speeds.


Configure your Connect+ the way you like it.


Connect with PB

Connect with PB gives you priority contact with the right Pitney Bowes department to get queries answered quickly.

Buy supplies

Buy supplies directly from your Connect+ system.


Royal mail

Direct access to Royal Mail services to make it easier to perform Cleanmail Advance administration, check addresses and buy Royal Mail supplies.


Additional applications to improve the effectiveness of your mailings.



Unique multi-carrier service to ship and track your parcels plus exclusive competitive international mail tariffs.

News and offers

Get regular updates on the latest mailing news as well as exclusive access to special promotions.