Did you know that unless you have a SMART franking machine, you won’t be able to process postal services subject to VAT such as Business Mail Advanced?

VAT on Royal Mail services

Royal Mail will have recently reminded you that VAT will apply to certain services from 2nd April 2012.

Do you know you need a SMART franking machine from 2nd April 2012 to claim your VAT back?

All franking machine manufacturers, suppliers and customers were advised of these changes in January 2011 and the need to use a SMART franking machine. We have a full range of SMART franking compliant models. Using a SMART franking machine, you will frank your mail at the VAT-inclusive price and the intelligence provided by the machine will be used to generate a VAT invoice to claim back the VAT from HMRC. Visit www.royalmail.com/vat (opens in new window) for a full list of the services impacted.

All current Pitney Bowes franking machines are SMART and can handle the change. What’s more, due to the constant drive to always deliver industry-leading technology, even some non-current Pitney Bowes franking machines are also SMART.

Do you currently use Business Mail Advanced?

Business Mail Advanced is a ‘Bulk Mail’ product offered by Royal Mail. This service WILL be subject to the VAT change as of 2nd April 2012. Pitney Bowes customers will be experiencing no disruption to their Business Mail Advanced service. Can your current supplier be so confident?

Once again, Pitney Bowes are leading the market with embracing the postal and HMRC requirements. Within the UK Franking Machine Market we account for around 75% of all SMART Franking Machines. All new and refurbished meters issued are SMART.