The Envelope Messaging area can be set a side for the External Return Address providing the following criteria is maintained and the address is machine-readable.

  • The font style used must be either Lucida Console or Letter Gothic with a minimum pitch of 10pt.
  • The maximum pitch to be used is 14pt. 14pt will restrict the number of characters per line and is not recommended.
  • The gap between the Town Circle and External Return Address must be a minimum of 5mm. (Predetermined Dimension)
  • The address used must reflect the correct postal address as defined in the ‘Postcode Address File’.
  • You can verify your address via
  • The address must be left-hand justified.
  • Avoid placing a box around the address.

The minimum address requirements are based on the following fields and the same size font must be used for all fields.

  • Words ‘Return Address’
  • Business or User Name
  • Door Number and Street
  • Post TownPost Code

The address should not include the telephone number, web-site address or geographic county, as these fields are not machine-readable.

Sample Indicia with a correctly formatted External Messaging Address in Messaging Area.

I want my mail returned to me – what can I do?

Various options are available to you depending on whether you want to print your return address on the front or back of your envelope

Addressing on the front of an envelope

1. Return Address Only - all franking machines in the Pitney Bowes range have the facility to print a return address using a slogan.

2. Combined Graphic and Return Address - all franking machines in the Pitney Bowes range, have the facility to print a return address in conjunction with your logo as a slogan plate. 

3. Text Entry Options - The following Pitney Bowes machines have the ability to create a return address using text entry functionality.

Addressing on the back of an envelope

Addressing Printers - Pitney Bowes offer a range of addressing printers that will not only enable you to print a return address on your envelopes, but also link to a PC for printing addresses from your database and exciting graphics.

Addressing Printers Product Range - Tell me more

Envelope Overprinting - Call us on 08444 992 992 to discover how we can meet all your overprinting envelope needs (bespoke sizes, large quantities etc. )

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