Our Insurance data products help insurers make policy and pricing decisions. Combined geospatial datasets with historical information for weather and natural hazards facilitate underwriting and portfolio risk management. Aggregate exposure grids provide a powerful analytical basis for mission critical insurance decisions.

Continental Europe Geocoding & Spatial Analysis

Use this tool to locate and visualise your customers, regardless of your line of business, to facilitate market analysis and improve business intelligence.

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GroundView Demographic Data

GroundView Demographics provide you with the reliable, consistent data you need to make confident decisions in site selection, marketing, distribution, product development and other key business areas.

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Imagery Data

Examine areas surrounding a target retail site, study the terrain in a telecom network, add visual support to a property analysis or determine insurance rates based on risk proximity, all with our enhanced imagery data tools.

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Parcel Data

Using parcel boundary data, rather than the simple points used in addressing, allows you to map and analyse property characteristics across an entire area of interest.

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Postal Data

With our software, all postal data is attributed with names and official descriptions, including local language names.

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Risk Data Suite Earthquake Bundle

Designed for use by businesses in the insurance sector, our Risk Data Suite Earthquake Bundle enables you to analyse which properties are within fault zones in order to make better informed decisions.

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Risk Data Suite Fire Station Bundle

Our Fire Station Bundle is designed to provide insurance companies with fire station location insights, enabling you to set rates and make better-informed underwriting decisions.

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Risk Data Suite Mass Movement Bundle

The Mass Movement Bundle is part of our Risk Data Suite, a natural disaster risk data solutions range of software products for the insurance sector. The Mass Movement Bundle combines geospatial data and historical information to help you to assess risk to properties.

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Risk Data Suite™ Shoreline Bundle

The Risk Data Suite™ Shoreline Bundle is a solutions software that can help assess whether or not a property is at potential risk from hurricane flooding.

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Risk Data Suite Terror Risk Bundle

Designed for use within the insurance sector, our optimal terror risk analytics software provides data about terror sensitive locations with exposure factors.

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This geographic data system enables you to access up-to-date and accurate street data, geocode your customers' addresses and create high-quality maps using this data.

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UK Geocoding and Spatial Analysis Solutions

When your business needs to make accurate decisions about customers, suppliers and asset locations in the UK, we provide the application data coverage and industry-leading solutions for intelligent geocoding and spatial analysis.

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