Our worldwide data products allow you to more accurately evaluate your customers, markets and competition. This knowledge helps you reveal new business opportunities and improve the decision making process and strategies across your entire enterprise.


Financial Services Data

Our proprietary datasets offer current information on banking behavior, demographics, branch locations and performance. Our database of consumer and small business records provides a broad perspective on true performance drivers that positively impact your bottom line.

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Geographic Data

From worldwide postal code information to local and national government boundaries to the latest satellite images of Earth, Pitney Bowes Software offers the world's leading data sets for precision geographic analysis.

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Insurance Data

Our Insurance data products help insurers make policy and pricing decisions. Combined geospatial datasets with historical information for weather and natural hazards facilitate underwriting and portfolio risk management. Aggregate exposure grids provide a powerful analytical basis for mission critical insurance decisions.

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Real Estate, Restaurant, Retail Data

A comprehensive suite of data for retail, restaurants and real estate decision-making, created using traditional demographic techniques and innovative, proprietary processes. This robust database is formatted to integrate with our other solutions for easy mapping, reporting and location analysis.

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Telecommunications Data

Our telecommunications industry data allows you to define and visualize calling areas and plans, map networks and service areas and conduct detailed market analyses. Monthly or quarterly updates ensure you have reliable data, with flexible subscription plans to meet your needs.

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