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Address Validation

Make sure you get it right every time with our reliable address validation software. Many companies depend on reaching their client base via time-sensitive delivery of mail, but too often mail goes missing due to incorrect or incomplete addresses.

If your business relies upon postal correspondence with customers or business associates, explore the benefits of our address validation software. Ideal for building an accurate database of contacts - our address validation tools are fast, effective and simple to use.

Address validation software

Perfectly compatible with Spectrum Technology Platform, our address verification technologies are an ideal match for many database solutions. We offer two address validation solutions - Address Now and Universal Addressing Module, both of which offer unrivalled address validation quality.

The Universal Addressing Module is perfect for businesses with large databases in US and Canada, while Address Now is a great choice for companies with a wider international scope. Address Now can improve mail delivery in 220 countries by automatically adjusting postal format and layout as appropriate.

Key features include -

  • Build address - changes partial or incomplete addresses into full ones
  • Get candidate address - matches a list of possible addresses
  • Validate address - standardises address
  • Get city state province - provides the correct address information for a postcode
  • Get postal codes -finds the correct postal code

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Get it right with our address validation tools

Using our address validation software is easy to use and it can benefit your business in a number of ways. It can help you to:

  • Lower costs
  • Reduce waste
  • Improve communications
  • Target new customers
  • Compile accurate databases
  • Provide excellent customer service

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Key Features of our Address Validation Software

Our Spectrum Address Now address validation software has a number of outstanding features, to help you ensure that your address data is accurate and up to date.

Outstanding address validation capabilities

Spectrum Address Now validates addresses by comparing them with leading postal and business databases, so you can be sure that you are checking your data against reliable sources.

Simple to use and interactive

Our address validation software is easy to use and is interactive, so will provide your staff with prompts and suggestions as they input addresses, speeding up the data entry process and helping to ensure that the details entered are correct.

It can even provide you with suggestions for complete addresses if you only have a partial address, helping to improve the accuracy and efficiency of your data inputting processes.

Automatic international address verification

Spectrum Address Now is ideal for businesses operating in international markets. It automatically processes address data in a wide range of languages, including Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Hangul, Thai and Japanese Kanji and Katakana, and can even automatically determine the appropriate country based on the data entered.

You can therefore verify mixed batches of addresses, without needing to sort them by country in advance, saving you time and therefore reducing costs.

Suitable for call centre and website use

Our address validation software is flexible enough to be used both in a call center environment and on your business's website. Research has shown that as many as 25 per cent of Internet orders are unable to be delivered because of incorrect address data , but our address validation software will help you to resolve this issue.

Spectrum Address Now can be integrated into all leading Web platforms (COM, C++, Java API ), and will verify address details provided by your online customers in the same way as it verifies details entered by your call center employees, helping to minimise errors and improve fulfilment.

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