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Revolutionise the way your company handles data. Our state-of-the art data governance tools help you to control how information is managed, used and protected within your organisation in new and powerful ways.

Use data governance software to capture essential information and closely monitor any data quality issues that arise. The Enterprise Data Governance Solution can streamline your business by providing the tools to profile, manage and monitor the quality of your company data efficiently and effectively.

Best Features of Enterprise Data Governance Tools

If you are looking for a reliable data quality solution, then you'll find Enterprise Data Governance software an ideal option, thanks to its great benefits.

  • Recommended by industry experts as one of the best solutions for enterprise integration
  • Effectively combats critical data management issues
  • Provides seamless integration with Spectrum Technology Platform
  • User-friendly interface for easy monitoring and improving data quality
  • Can be tailored to meet your business needs - flexible rules to suit you
  • Reporting and alerts put you in control
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Enterprise Data Governance Tools Make Understanding Data Simple

Whether you are new to data capture or looking to update an existing system, Enterprise Data Governance Tools offer the perfect, easy to use system for every type of business. Designed with the user in mind, our Data Governance Tools are simple yet effective.

  • Drag and drop interfaces are intuitive - with these tools you don't have to be an IT expert
  • Data governance dashboard - a visually simple and easy to navigate starting point
  • Real-time feedback - business and data results at the click of a button
  • One button publishing - share results instantly
  • Flexible rules - help you adapt to ever-changing business conditions

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Our Enterprise Data Governance Tools include some fantastic features to help you to capture and monitor data accurately and effectively, so you can manage your data more efficiently.

Simple to use

You don't need to be an IT expert to use our Spectrum Enterprise Data Governance Tools. Our software can be integrated with a wide range of data sources and your existing reporting toolsets quickly and easily.

Simple-to-use, intuitive interfaces let you access snap-shot and trend reports, so you can analyse the data you've collected and, with our enterprise data governance software, all your profile results, analysis findings and management reporting are stored in one place. You can also take advantage of our email alert system to keep up to date with your latest data reports.

Flexible and scalable

Our Enterprise Data Governance Tools are suitable for workplaces of all sizes, and are flexible enough to be adapted to suit the needs of your individual business. Whether you work in a small firm or a large company in which multiple users, including workers in different locations, need to access your data reports, this software is the ideal solution.

Outstanding data profiling capabilities

Our Spectrum Profiler Plus tool provides you with comprehensive data profiling features, so you can better understand the quality of the data you've collected. You can analyse data quickly using its integrated management platform, enabling you to save time and money, reduce risks when carrying out IT projects and be confident about the quality of your data.

With Profiler Plus, you could decrease the time it takes you to analyse your data by as much as 90%, dramatically reducing your costs.

Efficient data validation capabilities

The Spectrum Monitor Plus tool enables you to check and validate the data used by your business systems and applications so you can be sure that it's accurate. You can:

  • Run regular data checks using an external application
  • Integrate data monitoring into your business operations
  • Receive data reports by email with the automatic alert system.

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