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pbSmart Codes is the smart, easy way to build your business in a fast-paced mobile world. Create QR codes on marketing materials that link to custom mobile web pages, and take your business to anyone with a Smartphone!


Easy. Design a QR code to promote your business.

It's quick and easy with pbSmart Codes software.

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Generate QR codes and add them to print and promotional items like flyers, postcards, business cards and more.

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Fast! Use our pre-designed templates to get started.

Optimised for smartphone users to read anywhere, anytime!

A customised mobile web page from pbSmart Codes

Reach customers by promoting events, collecting RSVPs, offering coupons, sharing information and more.

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Track Measure Your Success in Real Time!

Count QR code scans and traffic to your mobile web pages.

Review real time QR code reports

Review real-time reports by page view and campaign, plus download captured email addresses and more.

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What's NEW!

Generate Custom QR Codes!

Make your QR codes work harder for you.

Create custom QR codes with pbSmart Codes

Highlight an offer or your brand by adding an image related to your message to the QR code – think of the possibilities.

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