Pitney Bowes Case Studies

Pitney Bowes is a leading provider of customer communication technologies. Our software, equipment and services help businesses communicate more effectively in today's multichannel environment, so they can build long-term customer relationships and drive profitable growth.

Find out how Pitney Bowes is helping organisations in the following industries:

Financial ServicesFinancial Services

Helping Financial Services organisations reduce costs, increase profitability, meet regulatory compliance and deliver exceptional customer service.


Helping Insurance companies to improve customer service, risk management and operational efficiency whilst achieving compliance excellence.

Public SectorPublic Sector

Helping Local and Central Governments to cut costs by improving citizen communications, public service delivery and asset management whilst ensuring public safety.


Helping the telecommunications industry to optimise customer relationships, improve network management and achieve operational efficiency.


Helping Retailers to maximise customer lifetime value through effective multi-channel communications and gain new market share by optimising store locations.


Helping utilities organisations manage network assets more effectively and deliver exceptional customer service through multi-channel communications.

Natural ResourcesNatural Resources

Helping organisations manage the discovery, evaluation and development of natural resources.