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Production Intelligence Solutions from Pitney Bowes

Production Intelligence® is a family of integrated solutions that link print and mail to improve control and efficiency of document workflows across your enterprise.

Production Intelligence is a modular, scalable architecture that gathers data about every aspect of your print and mail operation and transforms it into actionable information.

As a result, you have real-time access to critical performance indicators that help you make more informed business decisions - and improve the speed, productivity, and effectiveness of your operation. In addition to capturing data and connecting islands of information, Production Intelligence unifies and automates business-critical processes.

It integrates devices, platforms, and locations. And it makes it easy to transform print streams; forecast, plan and schedule work; direct any document to any destination and re-engineer documents and processes in real-time.

The result is enhanced efficiency and insight into what is happening in your operation. Best of all, with Production Intelligence, you can continuously improve performance and profitability.