Vantage Sorting Solution

Vantage™ Sorting Solution

The Vantage™ Sorting Solution helps you automate more processes with consistently high throughput. It is also the only sorter that can meter your mail inline while sorting.

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Reliant Sorting Solution

Reliant™ Sorting Solution

The Reliant™ Sorting Solution is a small footprint sorter that now makes sorting viable for customers with low to mid-level mail volumes.

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VariSort Mixed Mail Sorter

VariSort Mixed Mail Sorter

The versatile Pitney Bowes VariSort™ Mixed Mail Sorter efficiently processes a wide range of flat mail in addition to standard sized mailpieces.

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Mail Distribution Manager Software

Mail Distribution Manager

Mail Distribution Manager is a software application that allows private posts, courier companies and organisations with internal mail operations to manage their operations from start to finish.

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