DI6080/6100 Inserting System
Easily handle whatever comes your way

The DI6080/6100 is the extended version of the DI4080/4100 and even more designed to meet the strict compliance challenges of transaction mail markets. The modular design can accommodate up to six feeders, all supporting scanning, to process even the most complex application.

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The DI6080 / 6100 Inserting System

The inserter is available in two variants having 6 feeder positions (two A4 and four A5 feeders)

  • The 6080 with a processing speed up to 8.000 mailpieces per hour
  • The 6100 with a processing speed up to 10.000 mailpieces per hour

Both models are capable for the envelope formats C5 and DL (C6/5) and feature an optional inserting table to the rear of the main chassis to allow the processing of A4 flat material into C4 pocket envelopes.

Flexibility – the all purpose inserter

  • Any insert or sheet feeder can be the control feeder. This allows any feeder to carry the addressed document so you can set up the DI6080 or 6100 how you want to. The operator only loads the feeders that are needed; reducing set up time spent emptying feeders from the previous job.

  • A range of input options. The DI6080/6100 can handle sheets in continuous or cut sheet formats, and insert them into C5 or DL envelopes. No matter how the documents come to you, the DI6080 and 6100 will deal with them.

Productivity – handle the most demanding of tasks

  • Quicker job switch over. Flexibility of operation and ease of set up means you spend less time setting up between jobs. Folding settings are automatically adjusted when a job is loaded to decrease set up time.

  • No need to split jobs requiring different sized envelopes. Dynamic feeders allow the processing of mixed size documents into C4 and DL/C5 envelopes, so you don’t have to set up different jobs for different sized mail.

Integrity – know what’s been mailed

  • Demonstrate that each recipient receives the correct mailing. With a scanner on any or all feeders and on envelope output, you can match across all feeders and generate an output file for every job to track what happens to each mail piece. The output file also makes it easy to reproduce any mail pieces that are incorrect or missing.

  • Supports a wide variety of control marks. The DI6080/6100 can handle all common scanning technologies such as OMR, OCR, BCR, Datamatrix etc.

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Our UK support team comprises over 190 staff all strategically located to ensure rapid response to customer calls from any destination. Our teams of experienced, highly skilled engineers receive continuous training to keep them abreast of the latest equipment and process developments. Each engineer is fully qualified in installation, training and maintenance, utilising these skills to ensure that customers receive ongoing, optimum performance from Pitney Bowes' equipment.

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