Companion™ Inserting System
Minimise risk when mailing high value, transactional documents

The Companion Inserting System works alongside our high volume production mail inserters to run out-sorts created from larger inserter jobs. It automates a manual process with an integrated solution that provides full, closed-loop reconciliation.

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The Pitney Bowes Companion Inserting System

A high integrity tabletop solution that leverages Pitney Bowes Direct Connect - the same control system that is used in your Pitney Bowes mailstream Productivity Series and FPS Split Drive Inserting Systems.

Easy to use

This system has a consistent look and feel to similar applications run on our large, high speed inserters. It is a compact system with a small workcell and is ergonomically designed to keep the operator on one side of the inserter at all times. This keeps operator productivity focused and fast.

Increase accuracy - streamline processes

You can gain greater visibility and control over your mailing operations. With the integrated Pitney Bowes Direct Connect control system, the new CompanionTM system can process any of your reprints with OMR and other barcode symbology. Replace the manual work associated with tracking outsorted mail with an automated solution that delivers full, closed-loop reconciliation. Data from the Companion inserter system can also be integrated with DFWorks ADF Management software suite.

Gain efficiency

Now eliminate the need to run small reprints or jobs on your large, high speed inserters. This system runs both letter and flat mail-including up to four inserts-on a single tabletop platform at speeds up to 5,400 mailpieces per hour.

Informed Business Decisions

Complete integration of your daily mail production and reprint data can help you make more effective business decisions. Viewing individual system and operator performance lets you identify production bottlenecks and find new ways to improve operational workflow.

Minimise risk when mailing high value, transactional documents by:

  • Processing and reconciling then closing out completed job utilising Direct Connect software

  • Finishing reprints from outsorts created during large inserter jobs

Improve overall productivity and efficiency by:

  • Eliminating the need to keep open your high-volume inserter for reprints

  • Eliminating the need to set up your high-volume inserter for small jobs

  • Having available similar system information used on larger inserters such as DFWorks® and other tools

Improve Labour efficiency and reduce errors by:

  • Preserving a consistent look and feel

  • Maintaining processes with quick and easy set up

  • Consolidating reprints from multiple systems and jobs onto one solution

  • High Capacity Sheet Feeder: Holds up to 1000 sheets of 80 g/m2 stock with the ability to accumulate up to 20 sheets either forward or reverse. OMR and barcode scanning supported.

  • Document Inverter: Used for folded applications, this option helps re-orient folded pieces and supports running folded applications near full speed without requiring bottom flap envelopes.

  • Exit Transport: Mounted in-line with the inserter, the Exit Transport extends the path of the letter envelope and provides the ability to stack unsealed C4 envelopes below. It connects the inserter to other output devices.

  • Flats Sealer: This module attaches to the exit end of the system to allow for the sealing of flat envelopes up to 0.25 (6.5 mm) in thickness. While the Flats Sealer is designed specifically to seal flat envelopes, it also provides an exit path for sealed letter envelopes exiting the system.

  • Zip marker (only available with Flats Sealer): The zip marker will apply a mark at least 0.5" (12.5mm) in length along the edge of the envelope facing the operator to indicate tray breaks, ZIP breaks, every 50th envelope and high value checks.

  • Horizontal Belt Stacker: This option can be used to stack letters in a right- angled or in-Line configuration. This option comes with height adjustable legs.

  • Tandem Horizontal Belt Stackers: Available when processing DL up to C4 envelopes. The stackers are mounted in tandem and need to be installed in line to support C4 processing.

Production Mail Customer Support

Our UK support team comprises over 190 staff all strategically located to ensure rapid response to customer calls from any destination. Our teams of experienced, highly skilled engineers receive continuous training to keep them abreast of the latest equipment and process developments. Each engineer is fully qualified in installation, training and maintenance, utilising these skills to ensure that customers receive ongoing, optimum performance from Pitney Bowes' equipment.

UK Contact Centre
The team are available between 08:00 and 18:00 Monday to Friday.
Tel: 0870 777 7577*
Fax: 020 8465 4647
*Please note this number is for Pitney Bowes Document Messaging Technologies the division of Pitney Bowes dedicated to high volume mailing solutions.

Heavy investment in the development of a new Contact Centre has enabled us to further improve the support offered to our customers. Each Contact Centre Advisor is highly trained in processing customer enquiries efficiently and effectively aided by constant communication with our engineer support team.

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