Spedo 2400 Forms Cutter

2400 Forms Cutter

The Spedo 2400 high performance Forms Cutter delivers the flexibility, accuracy and reliability demand by today's letter and print finishing environments.

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Spedo 6400 Inline Folder

6400 Inline Folder

The Spedo 6400 is four-plate folder, designed and built to run in system with your Spedo Cutter.

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Spedo 970 Slitter Merger

970 Slitter Merger

The Spedo 970 is a robust forms processing unit which can be used to centre split stationery, merge forms or collate stationery prior to sheeting with a Spedo cutter.

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Spedo 8400 Conveyor Stacker

8400 Conveyor Stacker

The Spedo 8400 Conveyor Stacker is designed for use both off and on-line with Spedo finishing equipment.

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Spedo Interface Units

Interface Units

A range of Spedo accessories are available to control the paper flow between high speed printers, un-winder units, die cutters and other forms processing devices.

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