Pitney Bowes range of mail accounting products provide data to facilitate sound business decisions.

Budget Manager Mail Accounting Software

Budget Manager from Pitney Bowes allows you to monitor your postage expenditures and use actual data to take business decisions to avoid unecessary costs.

  • Manage accounts within predetermined budgets
  • Track mailing expenses for clients or internal departments.
  • Review the characteristics of your mailings

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MeterNet™ Mail Accounting Software

Combine your mailing system with Meternet Mail Accounting package to ensure you are anable to eliminate areas of poor practise and make savings and efficiency improvements.

  • Consolidate data from multiple meters
  • Identify and act upon areas of poor practise
  • Make mail savings

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Inview Mail Accounting Software

INVIEW provides a powerful set of postage reports to support and drive your managerial decisions.

  • Eliminate Areas of Poor Practise
  • Identify Cost Savings Opportunities
  • Monitor Fleets of Equipment Centrally

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