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Don't risk letting information that can keep your business ahead of the competitionfall into the wrong hands. Shredding the resutls of customer satisfaction surveys and R & D research may be a very profitable move.

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Whatever the nature or size of your business, a shredder makes it easy to destroy sensitive and confidential information. All shredders supplied by Pitney Bowes have the option of either straight-cut or cross-cut shredding

  • Straight-cut shredding
    Straight-cut shredding is when the information is cut into thin strips. These strips can vary in width
  • Cross-cut shredding
    Cross-cut shredding is when the information is cut in a criss-cross motion. This shreds the information into pieces that are harder to reconstruct into the original than if it had been straight-cut shredded. They also take up less room than straight-cut shredding, so the shredder will need emptying less often

DIN Security Levels

DIN is an acronym that stands for the German Institute for Standardization, which is responsible for devising the DIN 32757 standard for shredders. This is a standard that is widely used across Europe:

  • Level 1 = 12mm strips OR 11mm X 40mm particles
  • Level 2 = 6mm strips OR 8mm X 40mm particles
  • Level 3 =2mm strips OR 4mm X 30mm particles
  • Level 4 = 2mm X 15mm particles
  • Level 5 = 0.8mm X 12mm particles
  • Level 6 = 0.8mm X 4mm particles
Yes, I think a PB2326 Office Shredder is for me >>

Feature PB2326S PB2326C
Cutting Width 4mm 4mm
Security level 2 3
Capacity in Sheets Up to 17 sheets Up to 17 sheets
Materials Paper, credit cards, CDs Paper, credit cards, CDs
Shredder Waste Volume 100 litres 100 litres
Size 495mm(W) x 470mm(D) x 926mm(H) 495mm(W) x 470mm(D) x 926mm(H)
Weight 48kg 48kg
Power 220/240Vac, 50Hz 220/240Vac, 50Hz

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