Protect your workforce

If you think your business would never receive anything malicious sent through the post, maybe you should think again. Mail scanners quickly and reliably scan incoming mail to indentify threats from razor blades to bombs - items that could injure your staff and have a negative impact on your business. They also help to prevent false alarms.

PBTR10 Mail Scanner

Freestanding and compact, the PBTR10 mail scanner screens letters, small parcels and handbags. It has a 17" full coulour screen and can zoom in to a magnification of up to 16x.

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PBTR15 Mail Scanner

The PBTR15 Mail Scanner has a large chamber for mail trays, bags and even briefcases. It has an adjustable image colour facility and a negative mode.

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PBTR20 Mail Scanner

The PBTR20 provides a high level of image enhancement to ensure concealed items are uncovered before anyone opens the mail. It also provides powder detection to ensure any dangerous substances are recognised and acted on before they can take effect.

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PBTR40 Mail Scanner

The PBTR40 includes all the best features of any mail scanner but has minimal impacton your office space. It has a Colourtrace III operating mode and enhanced powder detection.

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