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up to 20 letters

up to 20 >>

With a footprint not much bigger than an A4 sheet of paper,this is the perfect franking machine for any small office or home office sending up to 20 letters or parcels per day.


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up to 20 letters

up to 75 >>

With a compact, easy to use SMART franking machine that fits easily on a desktop and processes up to 40 pieces of mail a minute. Robust and reliable, it’s ideal for your business. Find out what we recommend for up to 75 items a day.

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up to 20 letters

up to 500 >>

Get the job done fast and at minimum cost. Reliable and easy to use, our franking machines also offer you the chance to turn boring and bland mail into powerful communication that you can change as your business needs do.

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SMART franking with full colour messages on your envelopes

Print colour graphics and promotional messaging on your envelope. Engage customers and potential customers before they even open your envelope!




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Our award winning SMART franking machine for your mail room

If you send over 500 letters a day ensure your mail room is operating at optimum efficiency, and print full-color graphics on your envelopes!




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How much do SMART franking machines cost

We have a range of franking machines, from starter machines to full-colour machines suitable for large businesses, and the machine that we will recommend for you depends on what your individual business's needs are.


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Payment Solutions

With Purchase PowerSM you post now and pay later giving you up to 55 days before payment is due. Purchase PowerSM available to Postage by Phone® customers, is the easiest and most convenient way to pay for postage and other Pitney Bowes services.


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